Double Trouble – The Inferno Dragon & Dragon Combo Deck

Just a week after the release of the Inferno Dragon, it is one of the most used legendary cards out there. Well, we really can’t argue with that since the Inferno Dragon has a really good potential. Actually, I am one of the players who changed from Royal Giant Deck to Inferno Dragon deck.


So today, I am going to share this new deck that I’m using and for me, this deck is pretty strong. This deck is called:

Double Trouble Dragon Deck

Double Trouble Dragon Deck

Double Trouble Dragon Deck

Deck Build & Card Roles:

  • Inferno Dragon – This legendary card will be our ace for pushing. With its ability, it can easily take down any building or troops if left unattended. So be sure to support this troop at all cost.
  • Baby Dragon – The dragon has a splash attack so this is the best aerial defense. Best troop on this deck to take down swarm troops that can distract the Inferno Dragon.
  • Valkyrie – Our mini tank and a great defender.
  • Guards – Maybe you’ll wonder why I use guards on this deck. Well, guards are great defender and distraction against incoming land and air troops.
  • Minion – This 3 minion will help support your ace card.
  • Mega Minion – Aside from the minion, Mega Minion is another addition to this deck. It can deal a lot of damage and can help a lot for defending.
  • Archers or Wizard – You can choose any of this two cards. But I recommend archers since it cost less elixir than the wizard.
  • Zap – I believe every deck needs a magic card. Use zap to defend, kill or cancel charged attacks.

Offense Strategy

In this deck, we 2 attack strategy that we can do. Your offensive strategy depends on the cards of your opponent.

Strategy 1: Inferno Dragon + Dragon Combo

Let your elixir reach its maximum capacity. Once it reaches 10 elixir, drop the Inferno Dragon behind the crown tower where you are planning to attack. Since the Inferno Dragon travels slowly than the other troops, you’ll have the time to replenish the elixir that was consumed. Before the Inferno Dragon reaches the river, drop the Baby Dragon in front of him making it the tank. Usually, your opponent will drop a distraction or a counter to the Inferno Dragon. Since you have enough elixir, support the two dragons with land troops. I usually drop the Valkyrie or Guards to get rid of distractions. Once you successfully took out all enemy troops and you still have the Inferno Dragon, you’ll have a great advantage with dealing damage to its crown tower.

Strategy 2: Inferno Dragon + Valkyrie Combo

I use this combo if my opponent has more land troops than air troops. Same strategy as the mentioned above but the only difference is making the Valkyrie the tank. It is more likely similar to the popular Hog Rider Valkyrie Deck Combo.

Defense Strategy

For your defense, you have usually all the troops that are needed. Refer to the match-ups below to give you some idea facing enemy’s offensive strategy.


  • Hog Rider Deck – The most common deck out there. Old but still effective. To counter this deck, I usually drop the Guard or Minions. If your opponent has an arrow, Guards is the best choice. I spend 3 elixir for their 7 elixir offense. Enough time to make a counter push.
  • Giant + Witch Deck – I counter this deck using the Inferno Dragon and Dragon. Taking down the support first is the best choice in dealing this deck.

I think there are no decks that have no weakness. All you need to do is to exploit the offensive strategy of your opponent.


According to my experience, I am only having a hard time dealing with splashers type deck and magic type deck like Rocket and Lightning. And also, you might be have a difficult time with the Three Musketeers. Thats really pain in the ass.